Shoe Museums

1. Northampton Museum and Art Gallery

Northampton, England

Northampton Borough Council’s museum cares for the largest collection of objects charting the history of shoes  in the world. The collection is designated as being of national and international significance and consists of 12,000 shoes and 50,000 archival records including documentary footage and fine art. You can view their brief History of Shoes here, browse images of some of the shoes in the collection on their flikr stream, or see some Highlights of their Collection here.


  1. Bata Shoe Museum (Toronto, Canada)
  2. Salvatore Ferragamo Museum (Florence, Italy)
  3. Deutsches Ledermuseum (Offenbach, Hesse, Germany)
  4. Deutsches Schuhmuseum (Hauenstein, Palitinate, Germany)
  5. SONS Museum (Shoes or No Shoes) (Kruishoutem, Belgium)
  6. International Wooden Shoe Museum (Eelde, Netherlands)
  7. The Shoe Museum (UK)
  8. Walsall Leather Museum (West Midlands, England)
  9. TUSPM (Philadelphia, PA)
  10. Museum Weißenfels Schloß Neu-Augustusburg (Weißenfels, Germany)
  11. Vaprikki Shoe Museum (Tampere, Finland)
  12. Marikina (Luzon, Phillippines)


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