Traditional, Folk, and National Dress

These museum collections focus on dress worn by people who were not of the fashionable upper class, but whose legacy is equally important. Clothing certainly contributes to cultural identity, and these collections help showcase some otherwise overlooked aspects of rich cultural heritage.


  1. The Black Fashion Museum Collection in the Smithsonian  (Washington, DC)
  2. McCord Museum (Montreal, Canada)
  3. Royal Museum of Scotland (Edinburgh, Scotland)
  4. Jever’s Castle Museum (Schloßmuseum, Jever, Germany)
  5. Museum of the History of the Greek Costume (Athens, Greece)
  6. Norwegian Museum of Cultural History (Nors Folkemuseum, Oslo, Norway)
  7. The National Costume Center of Finland (Kansallispukukeskus, Ivväskylä, Finland)
  8. Ethnographic Museum (Belgrade, Serbia)
  9. Museum of the Romanian Peasant (Bucharest, Romania)
  10. Lok Virsa Museum (Islamabad, Pakistan)


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